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— Charles Mathis


We are a software publisher focusing on our customers' satisfaction. We see our software expertise as an opportunity to offer ever better products and services. We do not "rush products to market." We'd rather take the time necessary to achieve quality. That's who we are.

IDILOGIC's software products are installed on over 150,000 users' desktops. 35,000 to 40,000 people visit IDILOGIC's web sites every day.


1994 — Ivan Ivanov and Emil Sotirov start IDI Magic Technologies Corp. dba IDILOGIC with the vision of building a regional Internet-based information network for Southern Idaho - in cooperation with Region IV Development Corporation (Twin Falls, Idaho). As it happens, the effort to secure the funding needed for this particular project steers the company towards a new mission - making the vast volumes of obscure data about government and private funding readily accessible to the American public. By the end of 1994, the first copy of Federal Money Retriever® - a Windows based desktop application with embedded database - is purchased by the Coeur d'Alene Tribe of Northern Idaho.

1995 — The American Library Association recognizes Federal Money Retriever® as one of three best electronic reference products in the U.S. (review in Booklist). City and county associations of governments in five Western states (Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, and Washington) distribute Federal Money Retriever® to their members.

1996 — IDILOGIC launches - registering web sales on the very first day.

1997 — IDILOGIC expands its customer base nationwide (in all 50 states) through successful use of Internet based marketing and sales. IDILOGIC obtains a US Patent Pending on FrameCast™ - an innovative Internet broadcasting technology.

1998 — IDILOGIC starts an R&D unit in Sofia, Bulgaria.

1999 — The Chief Administrative Officer at the U. S. House of Representatives (Washington, DC) completes an official product evaluation of Federal Money Retriever® concluding: "Clearly, you have an excellent product."

2000 — The Wall Street Journal Online Center for Entrepreneurs recommends Federal Money Retriever® as "best of the best." IDILOGIC launches as a free (ad-supported) informational web site offering the most comprehensive full-text resource on all U.S. federal government student financial aid programs.

2003 — IDILOGIC launches GrantGate® - a sibling product of Federal Money Retriever®.

2006 — IDILOGIC creates Casino Social Marketing Platform - a new social communication environment for fast, easy, unlimited and unobstructed multi-level access to current and potential customers. The platform virtually eliminates all geographical restrictions for communication with clients and opens new multiple marketing channels thus significantly broadens the current high-rollers market and allows more effective segmentation of the market.

2007 — IDILOGIC develops a software/hardware solution for data storage and retrieval of irregular, raw, binary objects with related contextually meaningful, hierarchical meta-characteristics for Aeroflex, Inc. - a global leader in the test and measurement instrumentation products for a wide range of industries including aerospace, defense and wireless mobile and broadband communications. The solution features: (1) real time data storage and retrieval capacity in the range of terabytes, (2) a method for constructing and performing logical search queries based on intermittently changing meta structure, and (3) a formal public cross-platform (Windows and Linux) API that enables development of third party client applications.

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